Consistency is the key to fitness. If your motive is weight loss, or overall fitness and health, it important that you make the regime a habit.

Being a Malayali, Malavika Mohanan is undoubtedly a foodie. But the actress always makes sure to strike the right balance.

From making sure that she eats her greens, to keeping track of what she eats, she manages to keep the balance.

Fitness isn’t necessarily about gaining or losing weight all the time. It is a step towards a healthier lifestyle.

From swimming to going on a hike with her friends in the outskirts of Mumbai, Malavika Mohanan incorporates aerobics exercises in her fitness routine.

Malavika Mohanan swears by the magic of Ayurveda. The gorgeous actress often takes ayurvedic concussions that soothe her body and soul.

Malavika Mohanan says walking helps you to keep your body active, and it not only helps you in burning calories but also aids weight loss, cardiovascular and pulmonary activity, improving heart health, among others.

All Pics Courtesy: MalavikaMohanan/Instagram