Janhvi Kapoor gets ready for her first release of the year, Good Luck Jerry in which she plays a Bihari girl who gets involved with drug trafficking.

The film has Janhvi taking on Nayanthara's role in the Tamil original, Kolamaavu Kokila.

Janhvi: "As an actor, it is interesting for me to give my own interpretation to such iconic characters and performances.

This is my attempt at doing something they have done and adding something of my own to it."

It was a challenge for sure to reinterpret Nayanthara's role in Kolamaavu Kokila, but I enjoyed it. With every role, the excitement comes from doing something new.

My director Siddharth Sengupta gave a lot of importance to being as authentic as possible and living, eating, breathing like Jerry and understanding where she really came from.

I don't have the audacity to pick any of her films and be in its remake. Because of what she has done to every one of her films, they are untouchable. Any attempt to reinterpret them would fall really short.

All Pics Courtesy: JanhviKapoor/Instagram