Amala Paul makes a shocking revelation about Telugu film industry

Amala Paul, in a recent interview, opened up about the Telugu film industry and why she did only a few films in Tollywood.

She said that the industry was dominated by film families and fans.

Amala felt that the movies back then were very commercial and the heroines appear in romantic scenes and songs, without adding anything substantial to the story.

Amala Paul was recently in the news after she revealed that she had turned down Mani Ratnam's Ponniyin Selvan. She said that she was on a break then.

In a recent interview with The Times of India, Amala Paul said that she couldn't do many Telugu films because of the characters that came her way.

She said, "When I went to the Telugu industry, I realised that there was the family concept.

There, the industry is very much dominated by these families and their fans. And the kind of films that they were making at that point was very different.

They were very commercial films and I couldn't connect much with that industry at that point in time, so I did very few films there."

All Pics Courtesy: AmalaPaul/Instagram