Alia Bhatt is one of the most sought-after actresses in Bollywood and she made her debut in Telugu cinema with SS Rajamouli’s film, RRR.

Recently, some reports suggested that Alia was unhappy with her limited screen time in the film and that’s why she deleted some posts related to it from her Instagram page.

It was also pointed out that she unfollowed director SS Rajamouli on the app.

Alia, who was spotted publicising 'RRR' before its postponement, had gone inactive during the second leg of RRR's promotional campaign, except for one big event.

It is true that Rajamouli failed to pen the best of characters for Alia Bhatt in 'RRR', if her stardom across Bollywood is to be considered.

A close associate of Alia gives a different version on the entire episode

There is no truth to the fact that she is unhappy with her screen time. Alia doesn’t interfere with any of her directors and once the shoot is over she trusts the makers to take a call on the edit table.

As for the Instagram posts and unfollowing SS Rajamouli, the insider added, “Alia never followed SS Rajamouli, so there’s no question of unfollowing him.

She archived all the old posts of RRR during promotions as she does with other films. She hasn’t deleted any RRR posts.

Now all are waiting for official confirmation from Alia Bhatt and reactor from SS Rajamouli on the entire episode

All Pics Courtesy- Instagram/AliaBhatt